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Ho Ho Ho

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Santacon is a Gen X phenomenon. Or at least it was when it first started. This is our contribution to Christmas.

Your welcome.

Of course, there’s also the fight in NYC, but what do you expect…


Jesus in the Wasteland

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I couldn’t end this series talking about Mark Driscoll.  If that were the only current embodiment of our generations voice in the church, things are a lot more depressing than I thought at first.  But I had to realize that our generation never really had a voice.  At least not one that is still alive.  Continue reading

The Gospel According to Tyler Durden

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I realized as I was thinking about this series that one of the major premises is incorrect: we are running the church now, or at least part of it.  I realized this when I realized that one of the most vocal Christian leaders today is from our generation.  I cringed a little, the way I do when I think of our generation’s politics.  His name is Tyler Durden1.  I went to his church almost twenty years ago. Continue reading

Twenty years of Gen X and the Church: How we won an argument that might not even matter.

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I can remember twice in my life when I’ve heard the words Generation X in a sermon.  One of them was just a few weeks ago.  The other was almost twenty years back.  Continue reading

A belated JFK remembrance.

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When the 50 year anniversary of JFKs assassination came and went, I didn’t have anything to say.  It didn’t seem all that relevant to a generation that did not yet exist.  But perhaps it was all too relevant: it set the stage for everything we experienced in our infancy.  Fortunately, jenx realized this, and wrote this moving piece on the assassination from the perspective of our generation.

It’s Advent and We’re Still Waiting on the Church to Figure Us Out.

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Shortly after I started this blog, I went and reread this article.  Though it was written a few years ago, it still resonates with me on some level.  Even though we are middle-aged now, it seems that so much of the way church is done in America doesn’t seem at all like something we would do Continue reading