It’s Advent and We’re Still Waiting on the Church to Figure Us Out.

Shortly after I started this blog, I went and reread this article.  Though it was written a few years ago, it still resonates with me on some level.  Even though we are middle-aged now, it seems that so much of the way church is done in America doesn’t seem at all like something we would do: so many committees, attendance books where you have to put a check mark next to the box that describes you, gilded (and guilt laden) offering plates passed down the pews, arguments over who gets to decide what the Christmas decorations look like this year, American flags behind the pulpit.  I suppose there are some in our generation who like the flags, but it seems like there are more of us who don’t than in previous generations.  Every time I have to be around this kind of stuff at church, I feel like I die a little bit inside.  I don’t see Jesus anywhere in that mess of vanity, consumerism, and bureaucracy.

 And it’s not that our generation has Jesus figured out more than anybody else does, I doubt anybody would think such a thing.  But maybe we’ve got a giant blind spot to the ways in which we mess it up while the shortcomings of those who went before us are so glaringly obvious.  Maybe someone could say something about logs in our own eye.  But the thing is we’ve barely had an influence on what church looks like.  Until we know what our voice sounds like in church leadership, it’s hard to know what our logs are going to be.

This is the first of a four part series on the role of our generation in the church.  There are four Sundays in advent, how about that.  I’d recommend reading gallycat’s article, and then come back next week as I talk about twenty years of Gen X and the Church.

Week 1: It’s Advent and we’re still waiting on the church to figure us out.

Week 2: Twenty years of Gen X and the Church

Week 3: The Gospel According to Tyler Durden

Week 4: Jesus in the Wasteland


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