When I started this blog a few months ago, I wasn’t really envisioning any sort of Thanksgiving post.  A lot of my motivations for starting this blog were articles like this one and this one that don’t inspire a lot of thankfulness.  That and nostalgia for the music we had in the 90s, which was mostly a critique of all the bad things we’d endured the first 20 years or so of our lives. Not much thanksgiving there either.  But a few months in, and I am feeling grateful for being part of this generation. 

I’m grateful to have learned that people in our generation have made amazing parents as I am getting a bit of a late start on that.  It’s nice to know that my peers have set some good examples for me, and that my son will be raised in a culture in which children are important.

I’m grateful for growing up in a generation that learned how life really worked at a very young age.  I can’t imagine how terrible it must be to find out at 20 that all the nice things people have been saying about you your whole life weren’t actually true.  I’d rather have a chip on my shoulder and be out to prove them wrong.

I’m grateful for growing up in a cynical generation.  I like living my life without believing what I see on television or the internet.  I like that people my age find such things banal and vapid.  I like that we’re not overcommitted to things that don’t matter.  We found our meaning in that vast emptiness of youth, and no commercialized product is going to define it for us.  Our meaning is on the inside.  And perhaps it’s not a meaning that we all have in common throughout our generation.  But it’s a meaning that for each one of us is real.

In some small way I’m a little bit grateful that we’ll never really get the credit for everything we’ve done and will keep on doing for those before and after us.  In some ways it makes it all the more real.

And maybe all the economic hardships we’ve gone through are a bit much of a price to pay for all of that.  But we’re the generation that chose the wrench every time we were given a hard choice.  Because Fuck him, that’s why.


3 Responses to “Thankfulness”

  1. I stumbled across your blog a few months back, and this week I finally had a chance to take a better look – thanks for the intelligent writing. There seem to be a fair amount of bloggers out there who write about memories of the ’70s, nostalgia of the ’80s, etc. and while a lot of their content overlaps with ours, it is difficult to find bloggers who write specifically about being Generation X. I am hoping that in the coming years there will be more of us that will emerge online – maybe all those potential bloggers are too busy right now working two jobs to make ends meet. And you’re right by the way, we have always chosen the wrench. I am also thankful to be a part of a generation that does the hard work without the accolades, that selflessly values our families, and that strives to make the world truly better for the next generation. On a local level, I see a lot of Gen Xers across the country and beyond doing extraordinary things – Xers are the ones running soup kitchens, using social networking for human rights causes, and being a voice for the voiceless even though we don’t feel like we have much of a voice ourselves. All of this is what I think makes us the next greatest generation.

    • Thanks for the kinds words. Check out jenx67 if you haven’t already: the longest standing Gen X blog around. I might have to get a blogroll one of these days…

      • jenx67 is the first Gen X blog I started reading a few years back and The Shape of X would be another one to add to a Gen X blogroll. Two great blogs written by two great people.

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