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Stockmarket drop

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If you didn’t go read that blog I linked to Monday yet, you should go do so now. It’s the most depressing thing you’ll read all day, but if you haven’t read it you won’t have any of the context for what I’m going to say next.  Reading that article for me was like when I first learned about the 2nd law of thermodynamics: the forces of the Universe are set against me, and there’s nothing I can do to stop them.  On one hand, it kind of sucks, but on the other hand it is somewhat comforting to realize that all those terrible things that happened to my money weren’t really my fault.  And perhaps if I think about it enough, I can come up with the generational equivalent of Gibbs Free Energy.  Or maybe the best response is to just become the generational equivalent of a geologist and be like “ooh shiny rocks” and not worry about mammon. Continue reading


Rebellious Investors

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I stumbled across this New York Times article yesterday, and though I’m not in any way the sort of person with lots of money to throw around that the article seems to be describing, I do see some similarities to the ways I went about investing the scraps in my 401k that until about five years ago looked like they might amount to some sort of retirement.  There’s a reason for that, and I kind of want to explain it to you. 

But more important than anything I have to say is this article from earlier this year.  I’ve noticed that when I have long blog posts that link to long articles, not many people click on the links to those articles.  That’s understandable, but in this case I definitely think the long article in that link is more important than anything I would say here.  So go read that article, feel free to scroll down past the first introduction bit, and maybe I’ll have more to say about it in a few days…

Some Hesitated Remarks regarding a fictitious junior high school dance.

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Jennifer1 stood anxiously on the side of the gymnasium along with the rest of the mothers as their children bounced around with energy that she and these other chaperones had lost a little over a decade ago.  She knew that Madison2 was on the very edge of a maelstrom that would suck her up and spit her back out as someone else.  And she was going to do everything in her power to make sure that her daughter didn’t turn into one of those kinds of girls. Continue reading

25 years of bad medicine.

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Things have been a bit slow here recently, mainly because I just haven’t had time to write anything.  Lots of ideas, it’s just a matter of getting some time.

I did hear from a little bird that today is the 25th anniversary of this album being released, and so I thought I should mention it, as anniversaries of things that happened long ago is something I’ll talk about on occasion.  The whole point of this blog is to emphasize our mortality after all.  If that’s not enough, apparently this is also Bon Jovi’s thirty anniversary year.

I must admit, I never was much of a Bon Jovi fan.  In fact, I didn’t even know the name of this album until I googled to confirm this five minutes ago.  But they were a big deal around the junior high school I went to.  I’m not sure exactly why I never liked them, it’s not that my tastes were particularly refined in jr. high and early high school.  I listened to Motley Crue and Poison, after all.  I even listened to Cinderella and Slaughter.  I bought a Faster Pussycat album when I was old enough to drive, which is reason enough for me to never criticize the musical tastes of the younger generations.  Although to my credit, I never had any of Taime Downe’s lyrics tattooed anywhere on my body, so I’m still going to roll my eyes a little when I see a hatchetman on someone’s neck.

I suppose if all this blog ever does is make me humble and all of us feel old, then it’s doing some good.

I promise I’ll have something more substantial to say this weekend.

reblog: Thank God you’re an outcast

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Today I want to link to a friend’s blog.  The author, Kate Makkai, is probably the most famous person I know who doesn’t have her own Wikipedia page.  But first I want to share why I’m linking to her post in the first place, as it might seem a little out of the realm of my blog’s general theme.  Sure, raising the Homeland Generation is something that we do, and I know some readers have daughters on the precipice of junior high school.  If you find this article useful for that purpose, that’s great, that’s what the article was for in the first place.  But that’s not the reason why I’m sharing it. 

I’m sharing it because it paints a vivid picture of what our youth was like.  Although I’m sure the cautions of this article are still necessary today, at the same time I think they are tales from a time when this ordeal was much more difficult than it is now.  Today high school students are shown an edited version of The Breakfast Club as if it is a cautionary tale, not as if it is the lone bright spot in a Balkanized high school wasteland.  They are led to believe that those kids actually got along with each other when they went back to school the next week.  When that movie first came out, the genius of it was that it made us all hope that would be true even though we knew that it was impossible.  Times have changed.

I’m sharing this story because it is true, and because it is the type of story that this blog was meant for.  Maybe someday I’ll share a similar story.  But for now, here is  Thank God you’re an outcast.

We will be greeted as liberators.

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So twelve years ago some terrorists flew airplanes into buildings and everyone held hands and said they would never forget.  Guess what?  We forgot. Continue reading

Trent Reznor’s shiny new unicorn

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So apparently Nine Inch Nails came out with their first album in four years sometime in the past week, and I didn’t even realize it.  The truth is, it’s probably been close to ten years since the last time I bought one of their albums.  But for some reason it seems important to talk about it here. Continue reading