Music Friday: Lithium

There were about half a dozen Nirvana songs you could hear on the radio in Seattle in the summer of 1991, and this was probably my favorite of the bunch. According to my memory, they never said who the songs were by at the time because there was some dispute with another band that had the same name. I couldn’t find anything about that in my brief online search, so maybe I’m remembering wrong.
Maybe it was because of my irrational infatuation with the periodic table, or maybe it was because it was the right kind of self-deprecating without being too irreverent, but for whatever reason I just hit it off with this song. I wasn’t a huge Nirvana fan: they were pushing a little too hard against too many things I clung strongly to at the time. But I was a big fan of this song. When everything on the radio was “You can’t touch this,” or “Can you take me high enough” the blatant honesty of “I’m so ugly that’s OK, ‘cause so are you” was a nice change even if it wasn’t the nicest message. And when you are doing all you can to keep things together why listen to someone bragging about how great they are when you could listen to someone trying to keep it together themselves? Particularly being at a new school and having a hard time making friends, I am actually surprised I wasn’t a bigger Nirvana fan…


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