Some end of the month links to make you feel old.

There’s been lots of stuff like this coming out recently due to the impending 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. They pretty much all say the same thing, but there’s one in particular that I had to share because it’s more ironic than anything that ever happened to Alanis Morissete. Remember when this happened? Well, twenty plus years later, this is happening. Regardless of what grunge musicians thought about the relevance of Time magazine 20 years ago, at least it was about things that were happening. You know like the Berlin Wall coming down and a person of the year who usually seemed to be the right choice. Life magazine was the stuff of fifties nostalgia. Whenever I saw a Life magazine in the public library it made me think of the smell of mothballs and Ben-Gay. And now there’s a life magazine about Kurt Cobain: I don’t know if anything has ever made me feel older than realizing this is actually happening. Dying celebrities is one thing. Putting those dead celebrities on a Life magazine is like mummifying our youth for posterity. I’ll have more to say about Kurt Cobain on Friday and Saturday, but we are officially old now.

If that weren’t enough to make you feel old, apparently last week was thirty years from the date of the detention in The Breakfast Club. That movie has to be in the top 5 movies that define Gen X. I should have written a whole post about it, but didn’t realize that anniversary was coming up until it was too late. I’ll just leave it at this: like most things that matter to our generation it is completely misunderstood by people of other generations. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone under thirty what they think it is about and you will be surprised.

Finally, I saw this great article in the Atlantic about parenting. It does a much better job of explaining what I was intending to say in the birthday post I made about my son. Glad to hear there are professionals who agree with me.

If you want more links, check out jenx’s blue plate special from a few days ago.


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