Music Friday: Would

When I was a junior in high school, there was a metal head in my chemistry class. He was always wearing t-shirts from bands like Voivod or the Rhino Humpers. I don’t know what those bands had in common other than I didn’t know anything about either of them. He seemed to know everything about everything when it came to music. When some kids were talking about De la Soul, he told them which of the people in the “Groove is in the Heart” video were actually part of the band, and then he’d go back to talking about heavy metal. But there were two bands he spent most of his time talking about: Sedated Souls, and Alice in Chains. Apparently there was some kid in our class who was in Sedated Souls, and they practiced at the same house where this other band, Alice in Chains, practiced. There was lots of interesting trivia regarding Alice in Chains that I learned in that chemistry class: my algebra teacher was mentioned in the liner notes of their first album, for example. That seemed like kind of a cool thing because my algebra teacher was kind of cool in a Bobcat Goldwaithe meets Robin Williams sort of a way. But it was sort of like having him say that my algebra teacher was listed in the liner notes of a Voivod or Rhino Humpers album: kind of cool but what does it matter? It’s not like anyone’s ever heard of those bands. It’s not like those bands would eventually sell 25 million albums. I’d been listening to this guy talk about Alice in Chains for the better part of six months, so when he mentioned around this time of year that they would be performing a free concert in Seattle because of some movie, I didn’t think much of it. I don’t know if it was a free concert that high school students would be able to get into, but maybe he figured we all knew how to get around that if we had to. Regardless, whenever I watch this scene, I keep trying to spot him in the crowd.


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