Some end of the month links.

Neil Howe, perhaps the biggest living expert on generations, offered this explanation of how our pragmatic DIY attitude has affected the way our country views work and spending money.  I think this is a good thing, and plan on saying more about this sort of thing some day.

Here’s some Get Off My Lawn-isms from another Gen-X blogger.  Very true all of them, and there’s one of these that I’ll be talking about very shortly.

Nothing new, but I stumbled across this link recently.  The author claims that Gen X is a white thing, and that blacks of our age are part of something called the jail generation.  I guess there is quite a big difference between 30% of GenX being backwards on our house and 30% of the Jail Generation not being in jail.  What a waste of human life: we definitely need prison reform in this country, and it’s definitely hit people our age the worst, even if they’d rather not use our title.


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