Music Friday: A Good Day

Monday marks the twenty-second anniversary of Ice Cube’s Good Day: according to Deadspin it was the only day that met all the externally verifiable conditions that were specified within that song. This year Good Day happens to correspond with MLK Day, but I’ll have more to say about that on Monday.

For now, I wanted to share this video because gangsta rap is one of the things our generation is known for, and this is perhaps the most accessible and widely quoted gangsta rap song ever made. You didn’t have to own an illegal machine guy, let alone be a member of an L.A. gang in order to get at least some small part of what he was talking about. Any single male in his twenties would know how a message from someone he’d been fantasizing about since high school can change the whole complexion of a day. Anyone who has ever played a game involving randomness knows a good day when they see it. And you don’t have to be racially profiled to feel good about avoiding a traffic violation when you see a police car. When I used to play basketball, there would always be some kid humming something about a triple double to himself while making layups between pickup games; it didn’t matter if I was playing with Lakewood Crips at the Sprinker Rec center, or stock brokers on their lunch break at a YMCA near the Microsoft campus. Everyone knows what a good day is like. I hope that you’re Friday has been good.


One Response to “Music Friday: A Good Day”

  1. On a related note, as a big time Supersonics fan when this song came out, I took it as a bit of respect that he chose my team and not the Spurs or the Rockets or the Jazz as the team that he got excited about the Lakers beating. I’m sure it had nothing to do with finding a word to rhyme with chronic, it was definitely the other way around…

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