Music Fridays

So you may have noticed my post frequency has gone down a bit in the past couple of months.  When you restrict yourself to write only about something as specific as Generation X, apparently you run out of material after a while.  Maybe that’s why most Gen X bloggers quit after a few years or else diversify.  I haven’t completely run out of ideas, but some of the ideas I have are related to specific dates which haven’t arrived yet.  And some of my ideas aren’t fully formed enough to write about.  But I don’t want to lapse into posting every other month just yet, so I’m going to do something new: I’m going to have a regular Friday post about music.  I’m going to call it Music Friday.  It’s not a very catchy name, but then we aren’t really the generation for coming up with catchy names.  Usually we just have practical names that tell people exactly what we’re talking about.  Music Friday seems to do that fairly well.  I’m imagining these posts will mostly be nothing more than nostalgic: sometimes they will coincide with an anniversary, sometimes it will be an attempt at finding something that I think most people have forgotten about.  There will be some times with something a bit more meaningful behind what I share, though I will be considerably briefer than when I normally find something meaningful to talk about.  Why Friday and not some other day?  There’s a reason for that, but it will have to wait until next week.  For now, the first post is below.


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