Some New Links for the New Year

Well, I’m not quite half a week late in wishing everyone a Happy New Year.  I had planned to have a New Year’s Eve party planning post, but ended up spending most of the day sick in bed and have been recovering and traveling ever since.  So instead I’ll offer a few new links to start off the new year.

Jenx starts the year off with a blue plate special of generational issues that surface in films and documentaries.  It occurred to me while reading it that it makes a ton of sense why the roaring twenties is such a popular era among people my age, but that’s a post for another time.

Kate offers this sage advice on how to be a feminist in your thirties.  And I think in some ways it’s relevant to the transfer of any youthful idealism into middle age: the perfect world you imagined in your twenties is not nearly as important now as the mundane every day decisions you make in your thirties, forties, and probably beyond.

As to the party advice?  Well, it might still be relevant if you are recovering from New Year’s Eve.  And by recovering, I mean wondering what ever happened to parties.  It seems like I might have had a similar thought five or seven years ago, but I haven’t been to a party in ages, and so I’m not sure exactly what I’m missing.  Anyways, when I first read this article a few months ago it sparked some memories and an interesting generational observation: we might have been the last generation that had to fight for its right to party.  I don’t really get what post-rock cellphone text  parties are all about, which means that I must be middle aged.


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