The evils of Advanced Dungens and Dragons

What better day than Halloween to talk about the evils of Dungeons and Dragons?  I’m going to do something a bit different today.  I interviewed two people who I would consider to be experts on this subject and am including their answers in the posts to follow.  Kriska is a librarian and level 20 wife who not only first learned how to play AD&D in a library, but now teaches teenagers the game on the weekend with her husband.  Kent is a father, husband, and author who has actually written a book about this very subject that you can find here.  Both of them have been playing AD&D and other roleplaying games for around thirty years and offer their perspectives on how the game has changed over the years from something that was once considered evil to something that has been embraced by the mainstream.  Because of the length of these interviews, I’ve made separate posts for each of them.  Kriska’s responses can be found here.  Kent’s responses can be found here.  Enjoy the read, enjoy Halloween, and enjoy natural 20s all year long.


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