revisiting the start of our nation from this latest precipice.

This post is a few months old, but I think it might be even more timely now than it was then.  It’s worth the read because it basically summarizes everything I’ve been trying to say here that doesn’t have to do with Trent Reznor.

I think it’s timely because it makes a bit of an unexpected comparison for our generation: George Washington’s.  When George Washington was our age, he was crossing the Potomac. Unfortunately, it’s largely been our generation of lawmakers that have been causing all the problems in that very city that bears his name, in that very watershed he spent his life in and made famous.  But if our country is ever going to make it through these challenging times and on to something better on the other side, our generation has to play a big part in that.  At least that’s what the author is claiming.  Personally, it’s hard for me to see that happening, and I’m beginning to wonder if maybe this latest American Crisis will end up resembling that other tragic  American Crisis more than anything else: The Civil War.


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