The rest of the internet.

I suppose I lied about there being other blogs like this out there.  But it took me a while to find them, because if you google: generation x, blog, the top hits are going to be a few articles about how we’re not saving as much as we should or investing carefully enough.  That didn’t make me want to read much more, not just because it’s depressing, but because it’s really condescending.  It was like that time the guy from 60 minutes said we shouldn’t be crying because Kurt Cobain was dead.  Aren’t we grown ups now, anyways?  Wasn’t it 40 year olds who were supposed to be the ones who decided what was right and wrong?  Or is that only something that happened 20 years ago?

Well, eventually I stumbled across some legitimate blogs already out there talking about the same sort of thing.  Perhaps the most prolific Gen X blogger is jenx67.  She’s been blogging since 2007, and still has several posts a week go up.  She does post some stuff about gen Y and Z (or Millenial and Homeland, as I and others like to call them).  Those might be worth checking out if you’re wondering what’s going on with your kids.  Trust me, there’s nothing there about the evils of Heavy Metal music, that view on child rearing went out when we grew up.  I’m sure I’ll be linking to many articles from her blog over the course of time.  This post summarizes the authors views on our generation.

For a place to share various articles about our generation that pop up on the internet, check out this site.  Without it, I wouldn’t know about this article that was recently published.  It’s a very good article, if you find anything I write on this blog at all interesting, you should go read it.  It’s the kind of article I would write a blurb about and link to, but I’m not sure what to even add to it.

For more of a nostalgic feel, check out this site.

This blog is worth checking out, just for the Tom Brokaw reference in the subheader, although it doesn’t appear to have had much activity in the past few years.

If you like the Strauss/Howe model of generations and would like to read more about how it shows up in current events, this blog appears to do a pretty good job of looking at things through that particular lens.  If you don’t like that model, this set of articles from the Boston Globe go through a different set of generational definitions: it has 9 generations in the span it takes Strauss/Howe to have 5.

And finally, there is this particular article that I came across sometime in the past six months.  It might have been part of my impetus for starting this blog in the first place.

So if you find what I’m doing interesting and would like to hear some other voices, you can check those sites out.  Or maybe eventually I’ll even get some other voices here.  But more about that next time…


2 Responses to “The rest of the internet.”

  1. Hello! Thanks for the link and shout-out. Against all odds and slacker tendencies, I continue to blog about Generation X. It took me awhile to figure this out – but blogging niches and topics tend to age out with the blogger. Mommy bloggers become empty nesters; careers evolve and people take new directions. But, when you write about your generation, well, you can write about it forever. I have dominated the niche. This was not hard to do. haha! Nobody else was writing about it, and if they were, they stopped after only staying with it a year or two. I guess I’m stubborn and can’t let it go. I’m glad I’m not alone here in the Gen X wilderness. I did finally acknowledge Gen Y and Generation Z in a bigger way b/c my kids dominate my life so much and I have one Gen Y and two in Gen Z. They impact Xers so much, I thought I should start writing about them in that context. Anyway, I’m glad to know about your blog. It looks and sounds great and I really look forward to connecting with you more. I love the name. It’s perfect. Generation Scapegoat. Just awesome. Thank you!

    • Thanks for the kind words. I don’t know if I will be able to keep this up for seven years. We’ll see if it lasts even a year or two. I think part of my impetus for starting this is a recent realization that I’m not young anymore, and that the sorts of people who are do things completely different than we did. There are some people I know whose careers are more involved with pop culture and youth, and I hope they figure this out before that tidal wave knocks them over. But our generation will always be with us.

      If you get a minute, I’d be interested in your feedback of my critique of the Strauss/Howe model: Almost everyone who reads my blog is somebody I actually know, so it would be good to hear what someone who is already familiar with their work and has been writing about it for seven years has to say.

      Thanks again.

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