Why not just posted it on facebook?

Facebook is like the mall of the internet: full of mass marketed bland bullshit.  And I fucking hate malls.  Salespeople with smiles as meaningful as the like button: not for me.  Overcrowded indoor playground equipment that would give the fire marshall nightmares, not to mention ripe with infectious diseases: not for me or my family.  That shit’s about as attractive as inviting the NSA into your living room, which I suppose is true with a blog just as it is with facebook.  They just have to work a little bit harder for it.

If facebook is the mall of the internet, my blog is probably more like a specialty shop.  Speciality doesn’t necessarily mean high end, mind you, it just means that it’s not for everyone.  Malls are for everyone.  I realized this in junior high once while coming out of Waldenbooks with a bag full of comics and ran into someone from junior high that I tended to avoid for my own safety.  Eventually I found out about a place across the street from the mall that not only had fewer visitors, but also had horror comics most likely edited by Karen Berger.  If those had been at the mall, I’m pretty sure someone from the Comics Code would have gotten a phone call.  Elsewhere in town was a record store called Headstone Friends that had lots of bootlegs, and..reputedly  other stuff too, though I wouldn’t know anything about that. I can’t imagine that they’d still be open twenty years later if they had staked a place out at the mall.  I don’t know if my blog is more like New Concepts Bookstore or Headstone Friends, it might even resemble Fast Freddie’s Famous Burgers more than anything else, but whatever it is, you won’t find it at the mall.


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