Why week

When my sister was in high school, four kids she knew egged the wrong house and got shot to death for it. For whatever reason, I remember reading a story in the paper about it where this girl said “Maybe they should call us generation why.” As in why does all the bad stuff happen to us. Apparently that’s before anyone thought the next batch of kids should be called Generation Y, though I’m sure someone had labeled them as something by then, and in fact were already drooling at the marketing money they could throw that way. But whatever. For whatever reason I got it in my brain that we should get that whole part of the alphabet for ourselves. Except for W. We’ll let the Boomers keep that one. (This story is untrue.  Well, it did happen, but the way the newspaper reported it is untrue.  I feel pretty bad about that, as I’ve more recently decided I feel very strongly about newspapers reporting false information, particularly when it concerns violence done to teenagers.  I also feel pretty bad about it because I probably should have known it was untrue in the first place, seeing as how I actually knew the person the newspaper was apparently quoting.  Sometimes I think I have a really good memory, and then something like this happens and I realize that I probably don’t.  I don’t know why I thought it would have been a good idea to start this post with that story in the first place.  Read the comments for more details.)

Anyways, on my to do list of blogs, I have at least two that start with the word why, and not only does that seem appropriate, but it seems appropriate to have even more blogs that start with why. So I thought I’d spend a week answering questions and call it why week. But in order to do that I need more questions. The only rule is they have to start with the word why.

I’m visiting family this week. Probably won’t post anything more until we return. But maybe I’ll get to why week when I get back.


3 Responses to “Why week”

  1. Michelle Blizzard Says:

    Sorry, this isn’t a why question or even a question, it is actually a comment about the article you are referring to. Sadly, I know exactly which article you speak of and the person quoted actually did not exist. How do I know this? Because the News Tribune came to my newspaper staff (which your sister was a member of) shortly after our friends were killed to “talk to us about how we were feeling”. They wrote this piece that was completely bs. So made up in fact they referred to me as Jessica Blizzard. Not even close to my name and what sort of journalist gets names completely wrong? The generation “why” quote never happened. It was probably the worst piece of “journalism” I have ever seen in print. It actually turned me off of going into the journalism field altogether (which was probably a good thing).

    • wow, sorry that I am propagating a messed up article, but thank you for being willing to point that out. On one hand, it’s hard to believe that something so completely bogus has stuck in my brain as reality for the past 20 years. On the other hand, I think this was a few years before I gained a complete distrust for the media, so it makes sense in some ways that it has, and makes me wonder how many other bogus bits of “news” I’ve got stuck in my brain.
      I feel like I should edit this in some way to reflect that the story wasn’t real. Maybe the comments section is sufficient? If you’d like me to change something here let me know.

      • Michelle Blizzard Says:

        Whoever wrote the article clearly wanted a good catchphrase. No need to change a thing. To be fair, there are certainly plenty of people who fit in the “why” generation box. They constantly cry “why isn’t the world catering to me”? I am completely flabbergasted by the sense of entitlement a lot people walk around with.

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