A Wicked and Perverse Generation

(Note: until I can figure out if there’s a way to change the date stamp, assume this was written on June 26th)

A while back I had this idea that I should start a blog for my 40th birthday.  It would be about being 40.  More specifically, it would be about being in your 40s during the 2010s.  The name of the blog would have been A Wicked and Perverse Generation: perhaps a sign of a midlife crisis or perhaps just nostalgia for all of the long lost taboos of our youth.  Anyways, I never did start that blog and instead I’m just writing this facebook note, which is the lamest thing ever.  You’d think I’d have the decency to at least post it to livejournal, but somewhere in the past 5-8 years I’ve either deleted or forgotten the password to the three livejournal accounts that I had.  So you get this instead.  Lame, I know, but you’ll get used to it.

I suppose part of the reason I didn’t start the blog was because I didn’t really know what to say.  I mean, I have an idea of what it’s about: sociology, pop culture, history, and probably some other stuff.  But I’m not an expert in any of those areas, and I know enough about what I do know to know not to pretend to know things I don’t.  And the last thing I want is for some kid fresh out of college to stumble upon my blog and start correcting things.  No. This blog would definitely not be for some kid fresh out of college.  I don’t have anything to say to him right now.  In fact, I’d like to give him the luxury of figuring out how to do life without some old guy passing out worthless advice.  I mean, when I think back to when I was fresh out of college, that would have been a luxury.

So then I thought that maybe instead of writing that blog I was thinking about, I’d just look around for someone else writing that blog and read what they had to say.  But I couldn’t find it.  That blog wasn’t there.  I must admit I didn’t spend too much time on my search, so if you know of the blog I’m thinking of, point it out to me.

What is this blog I want to either read or write?  Well, it’s a blog about life at the point where I’m at.  It’s a blog for people who are young enough to not have any reasonable expectation that they will ever get anything from social security, but old enough to remember when Kurt Cobain blew his own face off and Magic Johnson got the HIV virus.  It’s a blog for people who never wore uniforms in school, but bled and sometimes died in them pointlessly on the other side of the world because of an older man’s lie.  It’s a blog for people whose first glimpse of the stock market looked like the profile of chimney rock, typically with their startup company’s stock option balanced precariously on top.  It’s a blog for people who grew up returning from school to an empty home, and then had their own home foreclosed on once it was time to send their children off to school.  It’s a blog for people who grew up hearing people say “what’s wrong with the kids today” but never found reason to ask that same question themselves.

If I had started this blog, the first entry would have been about movies.  A few years before I was born, a movie called Rosemary’s Baby came out.  When I was in grade school we got Children of the Corn.  As a teenager there was The Lost Boys.  In my twenties there was Fight Club and the best of the Tarantino movies.  In my thirties, it was suddenly miraculously OK for studios to shell out big money on movies based on comic books and fantasy novels, which is something I’d been looking forward to for the past 20 years.  Typically these movies featured teenagers or twentysomethings, sometimes under the tutelage of a wizened sage, fighting against the evils of middle aged villains with names like Dr. Octopus, Professor Snape, or Obadiah Stane.  Today I turn 40, and I don’t know much about movies, but I’m willing to bet that Keifer Sutherland and Hugo Weaving will have plenty of opportunities to play villains throughout the remainder of their careers.


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  1. Good to see you writing again!

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